How To Repackage and Sell Your House Better This Time Round

…and Avoid The Heartache and Headache Altogether

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So, you have been putting the house out in the market and have heard crazy record-breaking prices day in and day out but your own house just aren’t getting any offers or much viewing for that matter.

Why is that so?

Hi, my name is KC from Home Quarters and I have helped many sellers in your situation and have to pull out the house from the market, redo the marketing strategies before getting a reasonable offer for the unit.

After relisting, one unit got a reasonable offer within just one weekend, the other one got $38,000 more within a month of putting it up in the market again the second time.

Hear what Past Client have to say about Home Quarters.

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Vivien & Yongbin (HDB Sellers)

“You are very responsive and trustworthy, very knowledgeable about the nitty gritty aspect of what to look out for (about the marketing strategies)”

“…assurance and running through the financial calculation and processes, we felt more assured and move confident in making the house sale.”

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David & Yvonne(Condominium Seller)

“I can give you this testimonial because I left everything to you and you did what you’re supposed to do, so there is this confidence (between you and me).”

“The fact that you facilitate a good communication between the three parties (seller, buyers, agent), it proves that you are very effective and efficient”

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Madam Kumari and Family (Landed Seller turn Condominium Buyer)

“We were trying for almost 8 months beforehand (to sell our house) and nothing came in through a few agents, that is when you came along and you managed to close the deal and we’re very happy because you did it in 1-2 months time only!”

“You did it very smooth, we don’t really have to do anything…”

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