Now that you have a new place you can call your own – how do you elevate your house to become a home? You do not have to break the bank to fill your cozy little space! Just like many of your peers who have turned to Taobao, you may have scour the website to find yourself overwhelmed by the amount of choices there.

Taobao has made modern aesthetic decor so much easier, but first, you have to choose. Here, we have curated some of the best buys on Taobao that will bring style and everyday practicality to your daily routine.

Best Buys on Taobao for the Kitchen

#1 Kitchen Towel Dispenser

For those that enjoy cooking – whether is it a daily activity or a weekend hobby, you will find that having a good kitchen towel dispenser is absolutely essential! This nifty, handy dispenser can be suspended from a ceiling or a wall. This allows you to place it at a location where it is the most convenient for you.
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#2 Fridge Side Carrier

For a welcoming and homey touch, you can hang this pretty fridge side carrier. It also provides extra storage space beside the fridge – perhaps to store some stationery or kitchen supplies. Not only that, it makes for easy cleaning – simply pop the entire carrier into the washing machine instead of having to wipe the fridge down.

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Best Buys on Taobao for the Service Yard

#3 Hanger and Pegs Holder

Laundry chores are part of everyday life. As much as we want to imagine a Konmari-lifestyle and hide these unsightly things in the storage all the time, it may not be practical. This chic hanger and pegs holder is a must-have for minimalist home decor. This aluminium holder is in matte black, and does not require any drilling to secure it to the wall.

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#4 Classy Umbrella Holder

For tropical dwellers in Singapore, it would be essential to have an umbrella holder for rainy days. What’s better is to get an elegant one that will greet you everytime you come home!

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Best Buys on Taobao for Lighting

#5 Denmark Centrepiece Lamp

If you’re looking for a bit more oomph in your living room, consider investing more in a state of the art lighting centrepiece. Why not, since you would be looking at it everyday, and guests would certainly notice it and be impressed! These chic lamps from Denmark are eye-catching and not too loud. The shop that sells these lamps also have a range of styles to match your home decor. 
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Best Buys on Taobao for Storage

#6 Stylish Storage Basket

Chances are, you would need storage baskets for laundry, extra magazines, or even pet supplies. These baskets help you hide the clutter – so they had better look good while doing it. These baskets are stylish and fit into the Nordic theme of most homes nowadays. 

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Best Buys on Taobao for Drawers & Shelving

#7 Wooden Book Shelf

Shelves may appear to be mundane furniture, but any interior designer would tell you to never go easy on details. These shelves would nicely display your books and favourite souvenirs from memorable trips. The shape and cutting of this shelf is also not your run of the mill sort from Ikea, adding sophistication to any room you place this in. 

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#8 Bedside Table

When we are sleepy from our slumber and trying to grab our smartphone or spectacles, how many times would these items fall to the ground? This bedside table is one with a smart design – notice the little catch at the edge? It helps to prevent this clumsy situation (and broken phone screens!) 

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What other fantastic home items did you spot on the wonderful shopaholic haven of Taobao? There are so many new and ingenious items featured everyday – so let’s share the knowledge with others by commenting below! Let’s build the longest list of the best buys on Taobao for home decor and practical needs! 

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