The unofficial word of the year, ‘unprecedented’, is the perfect way to describe these times right now. From 7 April 2020, Singapore has officially entered the circuit breaker period (similar to a lockdown in other countries), in order to slow down the escalating COVID-19 infections. During this time, Singaporeans are advised to stay home as much as possible.

Working from home and being in close proximity with others 24/7 may take a toll on your mental health.

Working from home and being in close proximity with others 24/7 may take a toll on your mental health. | Source: Anthony Tran

In tandem with the circuit breaker, a new law, the COVID-19 (Temporary Measures) Act 2020, was also hurriedly passed in Parliament on 7 April. To reduce the risk of infection, the new law bans all gatherings with family or friends who do not live together. Gatherings at home, public spaces, such as HDB void decks and parks, are also banned.

Only essential services such as supermarkets, delivery services, food suppliers and energy manufacturers, are allowed to continue to operate from their premises. For the rest of the non-essential businesses, they must stop operations at their workplaces. You can only perform work by telecommuting from home.

How the circuit breaker affects people’s mental health and emotions

Working from home is now the new normal. For the first time, people are now experiencing the effect of living and working at home all the time.

They live in proximity with every family member nearly all the time, with more chances of interaction and also friction. Some families will find out that their current residence is too small for their needs. Conversely, some families would find that they actually do not need such a huge space even if they were to stay home all the time.

A shift in lifestyle priorities

Many people would also establish a new routine because working from home may blur the lines of work and living. One of the trends we see is the motivation to get a “quarantine glo-up” transformation and to strengthen their bodies.

People would try to get fit during this period of time. Having space to exercise at home, exercise facilities, nature trails and parks nearby may be one of the key lifestyle priorities when it comes to choosing their living environment.

Prior to the need to work from home, the proximity to amenities such as eateries and markets may not be that important. However, now people need to cook or to buy takeaway food for their three meals. Families would now place a greater emphasis on such amenities. Elderly living alone may not be adequately cared for during this period of time. Their siblings, children or relatives might decide to invite them to move in.

Prediction: What will change after the circuit breaker?

After the circuit breaker period is over, I predict that families that have felt the effects of space constraints will have the impetus to upgrade their living space and also to move closer to amenities.

Few alternative states?

  1. Action to upgrade or downgrade or move to another location
  2. Inaction, remain as status quo
  3. Inaction change in routine action

Advice: How to take advantage of before the change happen?

If you felt that you would like to make a change to your living location, my advice is to do it sooner rather than later. There will be many people that are thinking of moving as well to take advantage of slight increase in supply of new units right now. You could very well get a great deal during this period!

Finding a new property can be tricky during this time when circuit breakers are necessary to avoid the spread of the deadly virus. Do you know you still can continue property viewing from the comforts of your home? Remember to enjoy the process, and let your agent take on the stress and help you find the place that could fit your needs.

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